About Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona is an accomplished marketer with over a decade of expertise in consumer-packaged products, financial technology, sports, and multicultural advertising. He integrates data-driven insights, strategic thinking, and execution well. Edgard has led projects ranging from articulating a brand vision to developing a global brand, overseeing product launches, undertaking ROI and demand forecast analysis, facilitating brand integration, enabling paid media campaigns, handling sponsorship activation and collaborations, recognizing business development and growth opportunities, and distributing meaningful buyer insight-driven brand narrative solutions.

Edgard Corona is a stalwart supporter of efforts promoting diversity and inclusiveness. He has trained and mentored young professionals through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), the T. Howard Foundation and the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP).

Interview with Edgard Corona

“If I’m going to lose members to low-cost clubs, I’d rather lose them to my low-cost clubs than to competitors,” explains Edgard Corona, who launched low-cost SmartFit in 2009 alongside his premium business, Ritmo, which he founded in 1995 in Brazil.

In light of this self-cannibalization technique, Corona’s attitude is to offer the absolute best clubs in both the premium and low-cost segments of the market to ensure that his facilities are people’s first and second choices. They can then choose between Ritmo and SmartFit.

However, as Corona readily admits, there has been a learning curve. Consider 1995, when he left his work as a chemical engineer to embark on the world’s first Bio Ritmo club. “We did everything incorrectly,” he asserts. “For seven or eight years, the club was losing money until we expanded the area and added parking.”

However, by 1997, when the second Bio Ritmo in Paulista opened, the recipe had already changed. “I’d visited London and was impressed by the style and experience offered at the city’s restaurants. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.

“I decided that I didn’t want my clubs to feel like fitness clubs; instead, I wanted them to feel like restaurants. Our Paulista club revolutionized the market — it was spotless, had an excellent colour scheme, and placed a big emphasis on lighting.”

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