Andrew Frame’s Public Safety App

Born in Las Vegas, Andrew Frame is the founder and CEO of Citizen Company, founded in 2017 headquartered in New York. Andrew first worked as a network engineer before joining Cisco in 1997 and served as a Support engineer, later he transferred to the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE) as a routing architecture. He became the youngest employee to obtain dual Cisco CCIE Certifications.

Citizen App BY Andrew Frame, provides safety awareness to people by showing where crime is happening in real-time, helping people and the police force respond and stop it in time. It collects information from emergency scanners and notifies its users of potential criminal acts or threats, including bad weather, protests, and fires. Locals can also upload videos of what is happening. During this CO-VID-19 pandemic, Citizen added a contact tracing tool to the app, keeping people safe and informed about COVID-19 news.

The app went viral fast after it was launched due to a video showing a live incident that scared away assailants and brought the action to an end. Citizen is the only surveillance app available in New York City, and there is a lot of demand from many cities across the country.

Still, Andrew Frame wants to convince New York people about it before spreading it across the country. This company already has a plan of doing it, although it will take time as it requires a lot of physical infrastructures to set up in each city across the country.

The App is currently free, but if someone wants an enhanced service, they have to pay for it to get assistance. Andrew Frame has assured Citizen’s customers and employees that they won’t sell data to law enforcement or collaborate with them as it will go against their culture. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


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