Avaaz: Touching Lives through Global Networking

Avaaz is a web movement consisting of over 6.5 million members from different parts of the world. The organization promotes activism on pressing national, global and regional issues, which include climate change, animal rights, corruption as well as poverty. The name Avaaz means “voice” in multiple Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages. Avaaz was founded in 2007 with a mission to bring together activists from every nation in the world. This way, the members would help the world become a better place for current and future generations.


The organization’s mode of operation allows individual efforts to combine into a powerful force that can advocate for change. The Avaaz network campaigns in about fifteen languages. Also, the campaigns target every continent. Avaaz’s operations include lobbying governments, signing petitions and organization protests. This is how they make sure that the views of the people are considered during the decision-making process.


Three decades ago, it was difficult to organize social movements and groups from different nations. Leaders had to come up with teams for each separate issue. Although these efforts worked, they took longer to bring about change. Nowadays, it’s easier to create groups like Avaaz because of advanced technology. The Avaaz team works as one. The members strive to achieve a common goal.


Since Avaaz is a self-supporting group, it has the independence to campaign on any issue. There’s no influence from individuals who are pushing for their personal interests. Over the years, the global web movement has helped governments to understand how they should serve their constituents. This goes to show how unity in the world can improve the quality of life. Avaaz is a fascinating group because they fight for issues that most people rarely stop to think about.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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