Business Lessons From Laura Rea Dickey

Business innovation has placed Laura Rea Dickey in the world’s top CEOs ranking. At the helm of the family-run Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant Inc., she has kept with the business mantra of ‘evolve or fail’ to enable the company to survive the Coronavirus pandemic and economic ramifications of the business.

The restaurant restructuring in 2006 saw Roland Dicker Jr, the husband of Laura Rea Dickey, become the CEO. She began working as a consultant in marketing, technology, and communication. She transformed the business, and with time became the Chief Information Officer. The company’s rapid growth called for restructuring. Roland became the chief executive officer of the newly established Dickey Capital Group, the parent company for all family business ventures. This action left a void for a CEO at Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurants that she filled.

With her marketing and communication knowledge, the restaurant business has tapped the market potential in various states away from their home state of Texas. She has brought flexibility and innovation in expanding to new markets.

Laura implemented Smoke Stack, a proprietary system that synthesizes marketing, promotions, point of sale, loyalty programs, inventory, and customer surveys data. She has led to the incorporation of a consumer app and using Amazon voice technology in restaurant operations. She pioneered the company’s third-party delivery program with positive same-store sales for three years consecutively.

To remain in operation during the pandemic, she reallocated most of the marketing money to an online ordering system. Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth reduced franchise royalties by 50% to allow business owners to continue operating and retain workers. She spearheaded two philanthropic promotions during the pandemic.

She is a winner of several accolades in technology and foodservice. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University and gained a wealth of marketing experience from Murray Brown Creative Group, The Point Group, and the Richards Group before joining Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurants. Visit this page to learn more.


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