David McDonald Helms The OSI Group In The Most Innovative Way

While growing the business of OSI Group the President and COO, David Mc Donald has taken care to do so in a manner that is both sustainable and responsible. This involves not only a safe working environment for their employees but also engaging with the communities they serve with the best possible quality of food that is safe.

This is done by way of taking care of three areas of utmost priority-Social, Environmental and Supply Chain responsibility. The fact that David McDonald has ensured that the growth of the OSI group has been achieved in the right manner seems to have augured well for the company considering that they have achieved a phenomenal global presence, what with them having offices and plants all over the world. As a matter of fact, OSI has over 50 facilities across 17 countries.

According to David McDonald OSI Group China is the market from which OSI hopes to derive most of its growth, given the size of its population and the size of its economy. Where the OSI group excels in is not only significant production capability but product development as well. Under McDonald’s stewardship, the group regularly engages with its consumers to understand what their evolving needs are and accordingly evolve new concepts that help them serve them better.

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The success of the OSI group can to a large extent be attributed to McDonald’s innovative style of management. With his most impressive academic and professional background, he is the right man for the right job. For starters, he holds a degree in animal science from Iowa State University. He also holds the distinction of being the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. Being an independent director with Marfrig Global Food as well gave him a unique insight into the industry.

If today the OSI Group is such a huge name globally and so admired for its diverse range of food products that are renowned for their quality, a lot of the credit should go to McDonald. With him at the helm, the group has not only learned newer and more innovative ways of doing business, but it has also grown considerably in stature.

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