Dick DeVos Believes in the Value of Philanthropy

Many people all over the United States consider Betsy DeVos to be a capable reformer. She’s been committed to reform ever since her days as an ambitious young student at Calvin College. Betsy was a big part of politics on the campus at that time. That was when her desire to work in the political community began. It’s been going strong ever since then, too, even though that was quite a few decades ago. She’s been a major force in politics for over three decades at this point. She’s been at the helm of a range of PACS (political action committees), party groups and campaigns alike. She shows zero signs of slowing down. Betsy is married to a man who cares just as much about political matter as she does. His name is Dick DeVos. He was a Governor of Michigan Republican nominee at one time as well.


Betsy is a woman who believes in the importance of all different kinds of political concepts. She’s also someone who is extremely enthusiastic about the educational world. Betsy believes that children have the ability to shape “tomorrow” for society. That’s why education is a topic that means so much to her. She works tirelessly to promote the value of school choice. It’s one of the causes she champions on a frequent basis.


Betsy’s husband Dick is an acclaimed businessman. He’s had a number of executive roles throughout the years, too. He’s been part of prominent and established businesses such as The Windquest Group and Amway. He’s even been an executive for the Orlando Magic, a Florida basketball team that’s part of the NBA (National Basketball Association). DeVos now is The Windquest Group’s proud President.


He was employed by Amway between the years of 1993 and 2002. That was when he was its President. He was in charge of so many diverse facets during that time as well. He was in charge of Amway’s efforts in 50 nations. These nations spanned six continents. DeVos, as a result, is without a doubt a businessman who is aware of the importance of global matters.


People can talk to Dick DeVos about business. They can also talk to him about causes that affect communities and the planet in general. He’s behind the establishment of the Education Freedom Fund. This organization provides people with scholarships that can help them get the educations they need and deserve.


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