Edgard Corona’s SmartFit Depends on Technology to Draw and Retain Clients

SmartFit is the best gym network in Brazil and the entire region. It has managed to grow the consumer base even during the COVID-19 pandemic and better plans are underway to create more value. Edgard Corona confirmed that SmartFit had a 4% customer increase across June and July across all the academies in the region, therefore, pushing the number to 2.03 million.

Brazil alone had a 3% increase, taking the figure to 1.11 million clients. However, Edgard Corona retaliated that the company has lost a considerable number of customers as compared to the overall 2.82 million students before March 2020. At that time, Brazil had 1.65 million users alone.

The high-end consumer increase now is because of gyms reopening in July whereby at least 1000 units were back into operation. Edgard Corona, the founder, and CEO of Bio Ritmo claimed that they expect more consistency in delivery to avoid disappointing the newly enrolled individuals.

Edgard Corona founded SmartFit in 2009 and has procedurally made it the best gym network across the globe and as normalcy is slowly returning, the cancellation levels are decreasing. Therefore, customers who had stopped visiting the gyms are now coming back, and indeed, they are bringing along new students.

A study involving 24,000 previous gym attendees was done, and over 80% of them claimed that after the vaccination, they would resume. The remaining group is willing to resume but has other challenges to deal with first like getting new jobs, after which they get back to the normal schedules.

Therefore, the gym network wishes to grow the customer base to accommodate everyone. Out of the revenues collected by the network, 70% of it will be used to establish new units. This idea is expected to gain momentum, and the network will be bigger than before.

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