Feel Right At Home, With Sussex Health Care

Many people, during their lifetimes, can experience moments in their lives when they are going to need special attention and care. Some of them require this extra attention during their youth, but most of them need professional daily assistance when they get old. In Sussex, England, Sussex Health Care is the company who has acquired the reputation of the best care home for people who need this extra professional care.

Sussex Health Care is an award-winning independent care home provider, based in Sussex, England. They provide care homes and support services mainly for older people, but not limited to them. They are also known for their expert care for people who have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and have received excellent feedback both from the families of the patients and from analysists on the subject: The daily care of the Sussex Health Care is premier. Sussex Health Care also provides specialized support for adults with physical or learning difficulties, as well as those with neurological disabilities. These are all possible because Sussex Health Care only hires staff with specialization training when it comes to caring for people with these conditions.

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Because of their excellent service, Sussex Health Care has been honored with several awards. The Health Quality Service gave them accreditation in 2002, acknowledging their work and the surprising number of patients who were getting better with the help of the care home. One year after that, they were honored with the Investors In People standard award, recognizing their role in the community. Further than that, in 2005, they received the International standard ISO 9000:2000. This made them the only care home provider in England to have ever received dual accreditation for ISO 9000:2000 and HQS.

Sussex Health Care isn’t just about preserving the health of the people in their care. They are also passionate about providing them the enjoyment and activities to keep them active every day. Their specialists choose activities for them to do that are based on their past hobbies and interests. Any activity that can make them energized and happy throughout the day, as well as giving meals that will ensure they get the right nutrients and fiber, is always taken into account when planning the daily routine of the patients of Sussex Health Care

Through these methods, Sussex Health Care is able to make sure that the people in their care are not just healthy in body, but in mind and heart as well.

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