How Alejandro Betancourt Has Contributed to the Growth of Hawkers

Some of the prominent fashion brands that deal in the production and sale of sunglasses include Gucci; however, have you heard about Hawkers Co.? The firm has been in the fashion scene since 2013, and it has managed to make some remarkable process.

You may ask yourself, how has the fashion brand managed to rival prominent brands such as Gucci? The company has focused on quality while ensuring their products are affordable, considering they usually use inexpensive materials during the manufacturing process.

The organization sells its products through an e-commerce store which means they never spend money on traditional stores. Such a model is cost-effective. Hawkers, on the other hand, has mainly focused on marketing its products through social media.

Despite the considerable progress the brand has made since its inception, it almost crumbled down. Fortunately, the brand founders managed to get in touch with Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, an angel investor.

Besides being an angel investor, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also a successful entrepreneur. He managed to salvage the situation by ensuring the firm has enough finances. In return, he would become a shareholder at Hawkers.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has brought forth different strategies that have ensured the brand could grow further than the founder’s expectations as they established the brand. You may ask yourself, how did Alejandro Betancourt Lopez do it? Well, he focused on the main issue affecting the firm, and it was marketing. The organization had considerable profit margins, but most of the funds would be redirected towards marketing.

Recently, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez acquired more shares, and he ended up becoming the largest shareholder. Also, he was accorded the title of president. With such a position in the organization, Alejandro Betancourt would oversee the operations of the brand in a better manner. He also earned the title considering the organization would not be in existence currently without his help.

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