How Dickey’s Has Successfully Navigated The New Market Space

About eighty years ago a franchise was born, one that would grow to become a landmark of quality and excellence among it’s peers and that establishment is Dickey’s BBQ Franchise. Beginning life as a small family owned establishment in 1941, it would stay that way until 1994 when it would begin to franchise out into what is now over 450 locations.

The tale of origin and subsequent rise to success is due to high quality standards in every aspect of the dining experience but this would only help to mitigate the massive upheaval that came in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic, which greatly affected just about every business but one of the most impacted was the restaurant industry.

Prior to the pandemic altering the landscape, it was primarily millennial and GenZ generations that would use apps on their phone to order food while other demographics would largely prefer to dine in or on some occasions use a phone to call and place an order.

It is through quick thinking and a wise pivot of operations that has allowed for Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to continue to grow and thrive in the vastly different market space that exists today and that is largely due to husband and wife duo. Roland Dickey Jr. serving as CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group and his wife Laura Rae Dickey as the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

Dickey’s has been a staple in the restaurant industry since 1941. Known for their Texas-style barbecue, they have expanded to over 500 locations across the United States and Canada. With their expansion comes an increased need for quality control, which is why Dickey’s introduced “LeanPath” technology to help monitor food waste and loss.

Changing the focus from a dine in experience to the now much more commonplace digital market of buy online and pickup in store or curbside has now become the standard operating procedure for many businesses, even those outside of the food service industry. It is clear that there will be a lasting impact on both industry and culture that has arisen from this pandemic and through quick thinking and a wise assessment of the changing market space, Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee will continue to deliver high quality food for their customers.Click here for more information.


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