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IM Academy is on a mission to allow people to learn about the ins and outs of forex trading. You’ll find different products and services covering everything about foreign exchange trading on this platform. IM Academy offers its services and products in terms of academies.

These products consist of various programs on the company’s website that new students can easily access on IBO or referral by a client. Here is a list of 4 training programs offered at IM Academy!

  1. FRX Academy

In this program, students learn about the basics of Forex trading through interactive GoLive sessions and videos. The program comprises seventy-six video modules. The modules cover essential subjects such as;

  • Forex definition
  • History of forex
  • Meaning of forex trading
  • Selling and buying in the markets
  • Bid versus ask
  • Analysis of trends
  • Introduction of harmonics
  • Risk management planning
  1. HFX Academy

In this program, students learn about the high-frequency exchange. The academy content includes the basics of high-frequency exchange and types and methods of analysis, such as order types, spread, leverage, margins, and strategies. It has a similar structure to the FRX program. It comprises ninety-five recorded video modules. Each module concludes with questions that are intended to test your understanding.

  1. DCX Academy

In this course, students learn about the basics of digital currency exchange. The program includes an introduction to digital currency, types of trading, and types of digital currencies. You will learn about market volatility, blockchain, and valuation. The program also includes news about digital currency. It has a similar structure to FRX and HCX. It includes twenty-five pre-recorded video modules.

  1. ECX Academy

This course teaches learners how to create and manage an online business. It includes basics about e-commerce and details about selling online. It includes over 400 pre-recorded video modules. Visit this page to learn more.


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