Krishen Iyer Is A Consultant To Entrepreneurs

Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur and business owner in Encinitas, CA. He founded a consulting company named MAIS Consulting. Krishen Iyer is a successful CEO and a native of California. He attended San Diego State University. Iyer achieved his degree in Public Administration. He launched MAIS Consulting several years later. Iyer’s first job was at an insurance firm.


He founded his first company under the name of MNP Insurance which stood for Name My Premium. It had quite a huge success. It grew rapidly and, by 2015, it was listed on the Inc. 5000 list. Krishen Iyer offers his consulting services to clients to assist them in generating more leads. He uses an analytical program to generate quality leads through highly targeted marketing strategies. 


Because they are more targeted leads, his clients have more of an opportunity to convert the lead into a sale and grow their business at a faster rate. Krishen Iyer also provides a host of other services. MAIS Consulting strives to to help entrepreneurs and business owners with marketing, corporate strategizing, and contracting. The focus at MAIS is mainly on companies in the insurance industry. However, Krishen Iyer is available to work with small and large companies in a range of other industries as well.

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