Orange Coast College’s “Little Dougie” Finally Flowers

Visitors to Orange Coast College will be treated to an amazing floral display from one of the world’s most endangered flowers in the coming weeks, but will also be met by the repugnant odor emitted by the Amorphophallus titanium plant, better known as the corpse flower. Christened “Little Dougie”, the flower has been at Orange Coast College since 2006 and will be on display in the Administrative Center from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. as the expected flowering of the plant draws closer.


Christened “Little Dougie”, the flower is one of a family that has become known for the fact it has a strong odor that has been linked to that of a corpse, the smell that is created when the flower blooms comes from the decaying corpses of beetles that enter the large blooming area to pollinate the male and female aspects of the plant; Orange Coast College has pollinated their corpse flower by hand, but the strong odor remains and makes this one of the most anticipated blooms of the year at the educational institution.


Orange Coast College has already seen “Littel John“, a second “Corpse Flower” bloom in 2014 when thousands of visitors flocked to the school to see the bloom and smell the foul stench. The flowering of “Little Dougie” is expected to be greeted with similar enthusiasm and can be viewed with a small $3 donation to be used to fund the horticultural department of the Orange Coast College.


Located in California, just 40 miles south of Los Angeles, Orange Coast College is the third largest in Orange County and provides a offers a range of Associate degrees and certificates of achievement based on two-year courses. Established by the voters of Orange County in 1947, the college also offers gateway courses designed for those looking to transfer to four-year colleges such as the University of California or California State University.


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