PosiGen’s Energy Efficiency Initiative to the Communities of Orleans

As a homeowner, one of the things you hope to achieve is maximum comfort at your home. Upgrading your home can improve its performance and increase its durability. Also, when you want to sell your home, its market value will be high, and you will have a better expense.


Cost minimization is one of clients’ ultimate goals. One of the most costly bills a homeowner incurs is the utility bills. Finding a way to reduce such bills can improve one’s life and encourage one to save. The changes in technology brought about the advent of solar power, which homeowners can now use as an alternative way to power their homes. The need for switching to solar power was imminent to the residents of Orleans after being hit by the devastating Hurricane (Solarbuildermag). 


After the Hurricane, 16 different programs came up to help them improve their lives and rebuild. However, these programs mostly targeted the wealthy in the society leaving the moderate and low-income people disadvantaged. Since this class of people made up the better part of Orleans, PosiGen, a solar power company in Orleans, decided to take action. Solar energy is leading the way into the future, and Posigen is helping America get there. They wanted to make solar power alternatives easily accessible and affordable to the community, especially the communities of color and low-to-moderate income. Their goal was to ensure that such communities could invest in their homes by minimizing costs such as utility bills and ultimately saving money. PosiGen has made an impact on the lives of those in the Orleans community. 

The company has achieved this by ensuring that more than half of its employees are from disadvantaged communities. The company has also fueled the growth in the economy of such communities since they allow them to save from avoiding costly utility bills. By saving, PosiGen gets to put their money back into the community’s economy. Switching to solar power, which is considered green energy, has been one of the most effective ways of improving the environment. Since PosiGen has made this a possibility for the low-to-moderate income communities in Orleans, their community stature has improved. Such improvements have trickled down to the improved health of people from the communities.

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