Roberto Santiago Made the Manaira Mall a Destination for Tourists

Before Roberto Santiago created the Manaira Mall, there were many tourists who came to the area, but many of them didn’t know what they were looking for and didn’t have anything to do other than enjoy the sights around the Manaira region. Roberto Santiago wanted to change all that and he did with the opportunities he created through the mall. He had always had a lot of help when he was making the mall better and that’s what gave him the inspiration to give back to the community. He also wanted to try different things since he had worked so hard on the mall. Part of what gave him the motivation to continue working on the mall and on the things that were happening at the mall was what allowed him to make the mall so big. He knew he could cater to everyone and that’s what pushed him forward with the plans he had.


After he had designed the perfect plan for entertainment, he began working on it. He wanted to make sure everyone was entertained in different ways and that’s what allowed him the chance to make sure he could help people. It also allowed him the ability to move on to different areas in the business. For Roberto Santiago, the entertainment options that were in the mall were important because the mall needed an expo center and a concert hall that people could enjoy if they were looking for the perfect venue.


Even though Roberto Santiago saw shopping as one of the most important parts of the business, he knew it would be something he would have to work on while he was helping others with the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago has always continued to make shopping the best he can and that’s what has allowed him the chance to bring attention to the issues that are happening all around him and in the Manaira areas. For Roberto Santiago, this is what has set him apart and what has given him the ability to make sure he can help people through different opportunities. Roberto Santiago likes to give back and isn’t afraid to offer the best shopping experience possible.


Now that the Manaira Mall has a hotel attached to it, more people will be able to visit without the problems that can come from having to stay at a hotel that is nearby. They can simply get up and go to the mall if they want to enjoy different things. Part of the point of the hotel in the mall is to make it easier for people to access the mall if they are coming to enjoy the things Roberto Santiago has done with Manaira as tourists.


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