Roy Beck’s Triumph In Environmental Journalism

Roy Beck is the current chair of NumbersUSA. The company has more than nine million users in the United States alone. As a practicing journalist during his career days, Roy worked in the newsroom for more than thirty years before deciding to found his company NumbersUSA. The company got established in 1996 after serving as a column journalist at the Booth Newspaper. Roy, an Ozark native, graduated from Missouri University School of Journalism.

In his career, he is notably among the first nature, environment, and humanitarian daily journalists in the sixties and seventies. In his line of duty, Roy has received several accolades as a journalist. As a humanitarian and a worker in non-governmental work, Roy Beck received several appreciation awards. One of the awards is the no combat medal the United States Army Commendation awarded him for his journalism duty. His career has enabled him to receive awards in business journals, population and migration overage, and religion.

As a staff member in Grand Rapids Press Michigan, Grand Rapids Press Michigan, the United Methodist Reporter out of Dallas, Columbia Missourian, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Newhouse Newspaper chain’s Washington office, he has covered news for more than 12 countries and 30 states within America.


Roy Beck has written publications books about ethics, religion, and public policy. Some of his books include On thin Ice and Prophet and politics, Recharging America’s Future, The Case Against Immigration: The Moral, Economic, and Social. His literary works have appeared in The Boston Globe publications, New York Review, The Washington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor. Roy wrote for The Los Angeles Times, The New York Newsday and The Journal of Policy History, and various other media.

Roy Beck spent years working for John Tanton, who named him the “heir apparent,” before launching NumbersUSA in the mid-1990s. Beck has spent years working to make life difficult as possible for immigrants residing in the United States for them to “self-deport.” He argues for strong attrition-by-enforcement measures and drastic reductions in legal immigration levels. Roy has stated that the journey should be to “stop all unnecessary immigration”. Visit this page to learn more.


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