Whitney Wolfe: Giving Women The Power To Set The Online Socializing Rules

Socialization is largely done online these days. For the longest time, however, the socializing space was discriminatory for women. Whitney Wolfe once came face to face with the brutality and ruthlessness that the male-chauvinistic online platforms had for women sometimes back.

The co-founder and former senior executive at Tinder dating app was sexually assaulted and was forced to file a lawsuit against some officials in the company. Contrary to her expectations, most people sided with her assaulters and castigated her and her character. Wolfe was not just upset with the society but also disappointed with how women were being mistreated.

Revolutionizing Dating and Online Socialization

As a result of her disappointment, Whitney Wolfe decided that she would fix whatever it was that had broken in the society’s moral fabric. Drawing experience from her previous role at Tinder, she assembled women professionals and experts and together came up with a female-only dating app, Bumble. As the founder, Wolfe designed the Dating app in such a way that it would give Tinder a serious competition but at the same time be uniquely competitive. Andrey Andreev, founder and CEO of Badoo, was also instrumental in actualizing Wolfe’s idea. With his experience in the dating space, he was the one who helped Wolfe in getting her site up and running.

The main challenge that Whitney Wolfe initially had was to convince people that women are equal to their male counterparts regarding dating. Up until today, the society takes is that it is men who should make the first move while the women just follow. Wolfe took it as her duty to demystify that myth; a woman can approach a man of her choice without being wrongly judged. According to her, lack of confidence is making many women play second fiddle to men who are probably not as smart or intelligent as them.

The Bumble BFF App

Bumble app has more than 18 million subscribers. Her staff comprises of 80 percent women, with the few men in there being vetted to ensure that they have no elements of sexism. She recently launched the Bumble BFF app that creates a platform for women to search for friends.

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