Why Alejandro Betancourt is a popular professional

Rebranding of Hawkers is among the best things that have happened for the Spanish organization over the years. After the reborn of the organization, the company decided to use a brand-new business model. With the new model, the organization had plans of competing with the giant luxury brands like Prada and the prestigious Gucci. The plan was geared on reducing the eyewear products.

Consumers for the Spanish brand were now assured of spending twenty to forty dollars for a luxury pair. Business strategies carry the secrets to successful businesses in the international arena. The strategy worked fast for the reliable company under the watch of Alejandro Betancourt.

The platform made big sales when selling only through online platforms. Hawkers sought for advertising deals in its very popular websites such as Facebook and Instagram. PayPal and Facebook made collaborations to make the early days of social media marketing in this organization very impactful. Alejandro Betancourt dealt with these two major sites because they are trustworthy and reliable in handling of new businesses.

Alejandro Betancourt, a graduate in business administration from a Boston university, has always gone out of his comfort zones to create solutions for business owners.

As an administrator, angel investor and business owner, Alejandro Betancourt offered solutions to every problem affecting the eyewear company in various departments. This venture was just one of the many assisted by the millionaire in Latin America. The entrepreneur, however, was quite new to fashion and eyewear business activities.

Although a first timer in businesses involving eyewear, Alejandro expertise and leadership abilities did not fail his new venture in Spain. Instead of facing hardships because it was the first time to lead an eyewear company, Alejandro soared high in profit making ideas. Customer retention in Spain and other international markets worked in an effective way too. Refer to this article to learn more

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