Working Alongside Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Working on a fugitive task force is a very demanding job, due in part to the fact I have to do everything I can to keep the residents in this community safe when a fugitive is on the loose. Add into the mix if this suspect has a support network harboring him and encouraging his violent activities, and that equals me getting no sleep for weeks. We had our hands full with a violent suspect who already has injured several residents as he has been burglarizing his way through the town.


The first thing we do is try to put pressure on family to come forward and talk about our suspect, but these friends and family members wanted nothing to do with the law. Once we had evidence these folks were in fact harboring a fugitive, we began to bring them into the jail one by one. We knew we couldn’t hold them long, but what we did know was we were getting under the skin of our subject who wanted us to leave them alone.


Our local prison was in the process of having Securus Technologies install a new phone communication system for the inmates. The company and all Dallas-based employees have the objective of making our world safer, I was going to put that call system to the ultimate test.


After listening in to a number of calls, it appears of efforts with arresting his family struck a nerve. We got chatter on the line concerning an inmate who was nervous about his time in jail and how the suspect should be in his place. When he slipped about the location he was hiding, we didn’t give him a chance to think twice and we had a team scoop up the suspect while he was sleeping.


We rely on this monitoring system more each time we have a suspect we need in custody.