A Look into Trevor Edwards Life Journey

Trevor Edwards’ exceptional marketing skills have steered him to become corporate vice president of global brand management for A top athletic brand Inc. it’s a famous shoe brand among athletes. Trevor Edwards single-handedly develops and executes its global strategy. His marketing prowess has led to the signing of top athletes LeBron James and Serena Williams. The brand attributes its position in the market to his creativity and innovative instincts in marketing. Edwards was born in London, and his parents guided him throughout his life, especially his mother, who told him to find something he was passionate about when she realized his current job was wearing him out.

At 13 years, he experienced culture shock when the family shifted to Jamaica. He became a sports fanatic and played many games, although he says the shoes were essential at the time. Later he loved his environment since it taught him to appreciate the world from a different perspective.
He excelled academically and was good at learning languages. He graduated with an M.B.A in international marketing and finance from Baruch College. Though he launched his career working for an investment banking firm, he had to resign since he was not passionate about it.

Edwards worked for other firms before landing a job at A top athletic brand, where he has moved up to  . He has transformed marketing globally with his outstanding skills that are grounded in reality. He is an active board member of the A top athletic brand Foundation. A charitable organization focused on giving back to the community. Despite his success, he is a family man who creates time for his wife and children amidst his busy schedule.

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