After Travelling The World, Georgette Mulheir Speaks Her Voice On Haitian Crisis

It is not easy for many people to speak about the political state of their country even if statistics show that the situation is tense. However, there is one person who will not shut and look as things deteriorate. Georgette Mulheir, a human rights activist with a history of speaking her mind has officially spoken her mind. Right from her infancy, Georgette Mulheir is a fighter. She has a record of accomplishment of great works. First, it’s when she left home to join university where she studied music. Although Georgette Mulheir doesn’t practice what she studied, her love for life, especially young life has made her hit the news for good reasons. 


Today, after travelling all over the world, Georgette Mulheir is speaking about the political standoff in Haiti and its possible outcome. The situation in Haiti is not usual. After the stalled elections that took place last year, parliament was dissolved and global activists like Georgette Mulheir noticed it. The worst part of that standoff is that democratic structures in the whole country, whether at national, regional or local levels were rendered nonfunctional. With such disorganization, it is evident that basic human rights in this Central American country would be jeopardized. “It is no surprise that lives of the vulnerable families including women, children especially orphans would be faced with great challenges,” says Georgette Mulheir. The whole country has witnessed unprecedented cases of rampant kidnappings, rape, as well as daylight massacres. 


As a result, women have been rendered widows, children have been left without one parent with some being complete orphans. According to the human rights defendant, the worst part of the standoff is that Jovenel Moise, the president in question has decided to have his own police who, although working in contravention with the Haitian constitution, is now ruling Haiti with an iron fist. According to Georgette Mulheir,  the country’s defended constitution, Jovenel Moise’s term came to a halt in February 7, 2021 and since then Mr. Moise’s rule contravenes the Haitian constitution. Perhaps, what worries Georgette Mulheir more is the lives of the most venerable members of the society who include women and children. Ms. Mulheir urges the international community to mount pressure on the president who is in power illegally to step down.

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