Andrew Lazarus: Entrepreneur and Clothing Owner

Andrew Lazarus is the owner of a clothing company that has been around for over thirty years.

He started at an early age and was lucky enough to have his first store be successful.

Lazarus knew he wanted to continue to grow his business so he could do more, but there were many challenges along the way.

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The first came when a man named Michael Serruya approached Andrew Lazarus with an offer.

The two of them decided to partner up and grow the company from one store into thousands that are all over the world.

To be successful, Lazarus knew he had to focus on making quality clothes, but also staying true to his personal style.

This was something that Serruya helped him with, and the two of them were able to create a unique brand that people loved.

The next challenge was keeping the business alive during the recession.

When people stopped spending money on clothes, Lazarus knew he had to get creative.

He started to sell his clothes online and through other retailers, which helped him keep his company afloat.

Now, Lazarus is a successful entrepreneur who has created jobs and continues to grow his business.

He is a role model to many, and his story is one that should be shared with others.

Everyone must start somewhere, and Lazarus’ story is proof that you can make it.

He started at a young age with one plan, and he made it work.

Now his clothing company has multiple stores all over the world, and he is continuing to grow.

His story is an inspiration and should serve as a model for others.

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