Georgette Mulheir: There Are No Political Solutions to Natural Disasters in Haiti

In Haiti, most of the people have a perception that all the problems that the country has been facing over the years have everything to do with political trends in the country. This is a significant problem that is obviously affecting how Haiti has been operating and how it has been handling most of the issues that it has been able to record for the last twenty years (Voice-online).


It is important to indicate that Haiti has been facing other extreme challenges that are associated with the natural trends in the region. For Georgette Mulheir, it is important to indicate that Haiti is located in a geographically active region, which is a place that is always likely to experience some significant natural issues. These include phenomenons such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, among others. These natural disasters and calamities happen every year, and they have become a major source of pain to the population. Natural disasters have already led to the displacement of millions of people in the country. 


Unfortunately, this is a country that has not been stable for very many years. Therefore, Georgette Mulheir points out, the millions of people who get displaced every year have not been getting any form of support from the government. Trends indicate that the government in Haiti has been mostly concentrating on looking for some of the ways through which it can make use of the country’s resources without paying attention to all the necessary regulations. In her life of covering the trends in Haiti, Georgette Mulheir has discovered that the country is currently experiencing considerable issues in its politics. However, there have been other natural problems that it has been facing. The fact that there are no political solutions to such problems makes everything worse.


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