Greg Blatt’s Journey Of Wealth And Wisdom

Greg Blatt was a renowned businessman who originally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Economics.

He spent several years travelling and living in Telluride, a town in Colorado, before attending law school. After he graduated, he grew to become a significant member of the company Match Group. He was the CEO of Match Group, as well as IAC,, and Tinder.

In 2018 Greg withdrew from the digital dating industry and made a return to Telluride, the town that had affected him so deeply in his youth. He preferred the beautiful, simple life in the mountains to the hectic pace of New York City.

Telluride was originally a mining town. It was settled near a gold mine, only accessible by dangerous paths. It was an innovative part of the world due to the wealth of resources. The first long-distance power plant made with alternating current electricity was used to sustain the town as it rapidly grew. One mine near Telluride yielded over 360 million dollars’ worth of gold. Millionaires were abundant, until the gold ran out.

The future of Telluride seemed to be at risk, but a shift in American behavior saved it from becoming a ghost town. The mountains surrounding the town became a major attraction for skiing and winter adventures. What makes Telluride so unique today is that, unlike most skiing towns, they retained their homegrown roots instead of selling out to huge companies.Click here for more information.

For a businessman like Greg Blatt, the atmosphere of Telluride must be a refreshing reminder of how humanity can live in a simple peace. In Telluride, there isn’t a cutthroat industry that turns people on each other, but rather there is a supportive environment that allows for personal exploration – as well as exploration of the countryside with the many beautiful outdoor opportunities.


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