Haroldo Jacobovicz Interview Recap

The article introduces Haroldo Jacobovicz, his credentials, and achievements regarding information technology. Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizons Telecom, e-Governe Group, and Horizons Datacenter. It also mentions that his network is completely fiber and possessing highly advanced equipment, creating change in the Brazilian market.

The article goes on to explain the upbringing of Haroldo Jacobovicz. It specifies that he was born in Brazil to two civil engineers. Following in their footsteps, he studied the same subject at the Federal University of Parana, later pursuing information technology. He would go on to see his parents as a spiritual example.

Reading technological magazines and learning business essentials, Haroldo Jacobovicz and three friends founded Microsystem before graduation. This venture failed but did not deter him. Haroldo Jacobovicz realized that he needed to market his proposals to different audiences. He would quickly rise through the ranks at Eso to become a market analyst, though he would further pursue entrepreneurship in his field.

The article then proceeds to the interview. The interview begins with the origins of his Horizons Telecom idea. He then explains the necessity of inventory automation and the critical role of the internet in this process.

As the interview goes on it delves into his routine, regimens, and productivity. He notes that his best conversations are during lunch. He then explains his drive for intuition, fascination with monthly service trends, his habit of reading, and the advice he would give to his younger self of studying more.

He then goes into explain the metaphorical correlation of business development and practicing sports. In addition, he explains physical exercise benefits, the importance of competency, buying pets for his daughters, which businesses were ready for his ideas, and his agreement with the membership business model.

Staying aware of trends, perseverance, and hard work are the documented lessons.

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