Jessica Dean in the Corner of Right

Jessica Dean is an attorney brought up by her hardworking mom. Her mom stayed at home to raise the family. It was through observation of her mom’s motivation and hard work, she decided to set her career path today. She enjoyed her moment in law school, which paved the way to meet interesting friends. It was through her friends she was able to think and evaluate problems in a manner that she didn’t before.

It was during this time that she met with Amin Omar, a partner in a law firm. Amin Omar was her mock trial partner in law school, it took them a decade later to start a law firm. Being raised in an average family, Jessica Dean understands the struggle that normal people go through daily to thrive in life.

She was overzealous in her work and assumed that the other side took action for the worst reasons. This possibly happen but not always, a mistake she learned in her entrepreneurial journey. Building relationships with people, owning mistakes and apologizing whenever she misread a situation were important in her attorney career growth. This was a failure Jessica Dean learned as an entrepreneur and overcame.

The business idea that she would share with entrepreneurs, is to always put their clients first. Having a picture of what a client needs, keeps on reminding them of the work they need to do.

During her leadership program in Russia with 50 Americans and 50 Russians, Jessica Dean got her brother a set of chess. Her brother always loved chess, which helped him through his rough year. In Russia, she met with Gorbachev, who she bartered for chess he cherished with. The best of the $100 she spent was during Christmas when she bought a new hand-painted set of cats vs. dogs.

A book that she recommends the community read is “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. The author used his ability to tell the stories of imperfect people powerfully. The movie that was made consisted of many stories of imprisoned people. Most of them were not innocent but were not treated the way we should treat people. It also consisted of a legal story of a man who was innocent and imprisoned.