Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Rescues, Develops Hawkers, A Potential Startup

Sometimes people establish potential startups but reach a point where they fail to withstand the pressure in the industry-leading to the downfall of the business. Hawkers was instigated back in 2013 as a company that focused on selling sunglasses through different online channels. It never took long before the company began achieving success and even became the largest supplier of quality sunglasses in Spain.

Due to lack of proper management of funds generated from the sale of sunglasses, the business almost failed in 2015. This was when Alejandro Betancourt was called on board to help reshape the direction that the company had taken. After analyzing the company’s success in the recent years, Betancourt accepted to join and run the company.

However, the main reason why the company was stagnating was the lack of enough funds to facilitate its daily activities. Alejandro Betancourt was forced to source funds and inject them into the company operations. He called upon other investors who helped him to source for many to develop the company. He also took money from his company (O’Hara) and [injected in the company.

He managed to raise a total of $56 million which was enough to restart the company. He took over as the president of Hawkers by the end of 2016 and reshuffled the entire administration panel of the company. He developed a new foundation with a clear motive of dominating the eyewear fashion industry Alejandro Betancourt began working on the diversification of the company opening up more subsidiaries.

Alejandro Betancourt made an additional investment in Hawkers of about $21 million in 2018. He then became in charge of about 50% of the company assets following the sums of money he had injected into the company. He adopted different marketing strategies to acquire more consumers worldwide by utilizing different online platforms such as Facebook. Refer to this page for additional information

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