Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, CEO Precision M.D

The Covid -19 pandemic has led to devastating effects on the economy. CEOs have been forced to look for new ways to sustain their business. Despite the many challenges, their focus for growth remains unchanged, although with the following shifts.

New Market for Growth

According to Gartner CEO Survey, 60% of CEOs expect their businesses to recover by the end of 2020, 30% expect full recovery by 2022, and the rest 10 believe that recovery will take longer. Some CEOs believe that new opportunities will come through old mechanisms.

Cost Cutting

To survive through the pandemic, Mahmoud Khattab had to look for ways to reduce production costs: Relinquishing some areas of their business to reducing human labor. One of the areas that lost the CEO’s attention was cost management.

It fell back to seventh place as many CEOS flagged it as the least of their priorities. However, it does not remain out of the plan. CFOs and COOs will keep a good focus on it.

Increased Investments on Digital Growth

A high number of CEO, including Mahmoud Khattab, has increased their investments in digital capabilities. Some areas which usually have strong support, such as people and culture, information technology, and product enhancements, had little commitment from the CEOs.

Investment in capital equipment, as well as property and facilities, suffered a huge drop, a sign of how hybrid work models have an impact on facilities needs. Other areas which had significant declines: were hiring and marketing, compliance, and risk management.

Mr. Mahmoud Khattab is the current CEO of Precision M.D based in Elk Grove, California. He studied at the University of Damascus and graduated in 1993. As an entrepreneur, he is persistent and never gives up on anything. He is active in charitable activities around Syria and has earned numerous appointments on charity boards.


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