Ombori's Passion for Combating Waste Management Pays Off with The Invention of the Smart Recycling Bin

Ombori is one company that has continued to earn a global reputation due to its distinguished efforts to combat waste management. It has been estimated that the most affected industry when it comes to waste management in the fashion industry. The global fashion industry contributes to over 92 million tons of waste yearly majority of which emanates from the U.S. To combat the effects of waste management, Ombori has partnered with ITAB and Microsoft. The trio has developed a Smart Recycling Bin by incorporating an interactive screen that weighs donated recyclable items.

The adverse advantage of the bin is that it gives the visitors the rare opportunity of recycling used clothing while at the same time they become educated on the advantages of recycling and also earn rewards. Additionally, Ombori Smart Recycling Bin also provides businesses with recycling efforts on a real-time basis. The bin was majorly designed for businesses that keenly focused on achieving their sustainability targets, especially municipal collection areas, retailers, resorts, and tourist attractions. The bins have also been designed in a way that they can collect multiple recyclable goods ranging from clothing, paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

Initially, the Smart Recycling Bin was fixed near H&M’s flagship store’s checkout area located in Manhattan in New York garnering positive feedback thus securing the continuous use of the technology. In 2013, a program dubbed H&M’s Garment Collection was launched making Ombari’s Smart Recycling Bin a perfect complementary. This is just a part of the company’s abiding commitment to vehemently support the Paris Agreement and minimize environmental effects. In the year 2020, H&M closely worked with Ombori to improve its recycling venture by spearheading the installation of Smart Recycling Bins across its stores in the Manhattan location. With the outstanding help from Microsoft Azure and partnership with Ombori, H&M has refurbished its garment-recycling venture across the U.S

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