PosiGen the Future of Energy

You can never be prepared for a calamity and when Hurricane Katrina struck there was unprecedented damage. The hard-hit group was low to the middle-class population since they were the most vulnerable, especially in New Orleans. After the loss, at PosiGen solar power company there were plans to rebuild and create a sustainable future. Unfortunately, the vulnerable groups could not access this program. 


This gap led to the creation of PosiGen to address the plight of low-paid individuals. They decided to provide affordable and accessible energy using solar power. The solar leasing program allowed communities to achieve home investment, reduced household budgets, and build a sustainable future. PosiGen solar power company helps households save money by leasing solar panels instead of sometimes expensive buying. 


They also offer free installation with additional system monitoring, maintenance, and no minimum credit requirements. This move attracted many customers with the solar power company, now operating in seven states with over 18,000 customers. At PosiGen solar power company, the installation of a two-directional net meter greatly reduces the household energy bill and allows the excess energy to be credited for future use.


Research has shown that solar energy is a cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly way to produce energy. PosiGen solar  power company´s vision of the accessibility of affordable solar energy leads to a positive impact on the natural environment and local community (Doyoubuzz). 

They are also committed to energy efficiency to avoid energy losses at homes. The company conducts regular home audits to upgrade energy savings. Efficient energy use creates a fresh and healthy environment, reduces monthly budgets, and offers a reliable cooling and heating system. From using PosiGen solar power systems, these savings help vulnerable communities invest in other important areas hence boosting the economy. The future is solar energy and PosiGen is at the forefront.

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