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Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, formerly called Jingdong Ltd. The company was founded in 2004. He comes from a village called Chang’an, which is located in Suqian City, China. This village was underdeveloped, and it lacked many basic things like electricity, pipe water which are the requirements for daily life activities. Although they were formerly rich, Liu’s parents were rice farmers and transported their goods and services along the Yangtze River.

At an early age, Richard Liu stayed with his grandmother, and his parents were working on the farm. His grandmother taught him a lot of life skills and what he needed to be successful with what he had. He used to help his grandmother with house chores like preparing meals and washing the dishes. They usually eat sweet potatoes and corn because it is the only available food. His grandmother used to go to the farmer’s co-operative to exchange peanuts with the fattest piece of pork by bribing the seller. When cooked, there would be remains of pork, which they would use to prepare other meals for many days. Liu Qiangdong is an innovative and visionary person, as he used hot water to separate from the pan how to make soup.

By being a hardworking and visionary leader, Richard Liu overcame all the challenges along the way. While in primary school, he steered his classmates to the government building on the nearest town and saw a light bulb using electrical energy. He also managed to travel to Nanjing city and saw skyscraper buildings which he had never seen, and this made him be more ambitious and have an urge to tour the whole world and explore everything.

Richard Liu attended Rennin University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Sociology. As he was still in university, Liu studied computer programming by himself, which was highly lucrative in his career life. Today, Richard has been able to build one of the most successful online business companies in the whole world. His outstanding leadership has earned him lucrative awards and been recognized in many entrepreneur events.

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