Steve Lesnard’s View on the North Face and Sonos Partnership

The North Face, an outdoor products company, and Sonos, a sound experience company, have partnered to combine quality sound and outdoor adventure experiences. The product of the partnership is Sonos Roam, an ultra-portable speaker with state-of-the-art features. The speaker takes outdoor adventure to a new level because of the unique features – water resistance and drop resistance. The first partnership between the two companies, Soundscape Series, offered people a chance to experience the North Face Expeditions through clear audio from real-time adventure.

At the center of the partnership and success of the North Face is Steve Lesnard, who serves as the CMO and the Global VP of Product creation. Steve Lesnard has expressed confidence in the partnership as he believes it will transform storytelling since Sonos and the North Face have shared core values. He is behind the FUTURELIGHT, an ultra-thin nano-fiber technology that has been instrumental in developing new products at the North Face. He is also one of the faces behind the Soundscapes Series.

Steve Lesnard prides himself for working with top athletes and climbers like Alex Hannold and Emily Harrington to produce outdoor adventure sounds that help people understand how they overcome challenging aspects of their expeditions. Sonos and the North Face join General Electric and Starbucks and Crest in creating unique audio content.

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