The Life Of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft always knew he would succeed in life but did not think he would one day be the owner of one of the most successful NFL teams in history. As someone who came from a Jewish family, there was a lot of pressure on him to be a rabbi but he knew this is not what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

Once he was able to finish HS at the top of his class, he had scholarships offers from a lot of ivies but opted to go with Columbia in the end. By the time Robert Kraft got to campus, it was clear he wanted to declare business as his major.

So, this is what he did & also was able to lead the tennis team to back to back championships. He also played football for them & was able to be one of the best QBs they ever had. Robert Kraft had been watching the New England Patriots play ever since he was a kid & had become one of their biggest fans.

This is why when the chance to buy the team came along, he did not hesitate for a second. After one of the most expensive buy outs in the league’s history, he went on to lead them to quite a few super bowls over the years. Robert Kraft knew that tom brady was an asset to them which is why he did all he could to keep him for as long as possible. Click here to learn more.

He has now been the fearless leader of the New England Patriots for more than 25 years as he hopes to keep them as the powerhouse they are. He went on to have 4 sons with his wife & they now live in the northeast where he provides for all of them.


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