The Molekule and Molekule Mini, Innovation in Air Quality

The Molekule is not your traditional air purifier but innovation in nano technology that utilizes photo electrochemical oxidation. This is a leap forward in air purifying technology. No longer are you faced with the limitations of traditional HEPA filtration. From the outset, the consumer is provided with consistent quality control from manufacturing to shipping. This sleek and innovative design comes carefully packed and ready for your bedroom or any room. With no setup required, the Molekule and Molekule Mini come complete with an extra filter and ready to plug in.

The PECO technology utilizes free radicals in air quality control enabling it to kill pollutants much smaller than your traditional HEPA filter can do. This gives the consumer peace of mind in knowing that they will breath better, sleep better, have more energy, and an overall higher quality of daily living. The Molekule is the next generation in air quality control without sacrificing appearance or being bulky. From design to effectiveness, the Molekule lacks nothing. It truly is the future of air purification.

Now you may be thinking that such technology is far too expensive but the makers of the Molekule and Molekule Mini make it an affordable addition to your household at only $799 for the Molekule and just $399 for the Mini version. Affordability meets quality at the very heart of this product.

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