The Successes Of Min-Liang Tan Through His Gamer’s Attitude

Any successful businessman has a success story. Min-Liang Tan is in no way different, attributing his successful business venture to his gaming attitude. Combining efforts with Robert Krakoff, Min-Liang Tan founded Razer, which has grown into a global brand with gaming devices and other hardware and software devices under its flagship.

Starting as a lawyer, Min-Liang Tan never had great expectations about business. However, being a gamer changed everything for him. They founded Razer with the simple objective of augmenting their gaming experience by developing a more effective mouse.

Before the Razer CEO ventured into Razer, Min-Liang Tan decided to forego his law career, aiming to improve other gamers’ experiences through better hardware and software devices.

The Boomslang mouse was their first product, with Razer designing and manufacturing it to provide gamers with more precision and faster response times. However, the main attraction to Min-Liang Tan and Krakoff was to improve their gaming experience besides promoting the experience of other gamers.

After successfully manufacturing the mouse, Razer took on other challenges through the support of Min-Liang Tan as the director of product development. Citing the gamers’ mentality, Tan explains that they have progressed into currently pursuing authorization to offer banking services. Besides, Razer has actively been involved in various efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 by providing face masks. Tan’s gaming attitude is the driving force of Razer’s success, but it has been challenged severally. For instance, he’s said to be overly demanding to his employees.

Tan is Razer’s co-founder, together with Robert Krakoff. His responsibility is to oversee successful product development, ensuring that each product meets expected demands. Tan initially studied law at the National University of Singapore in Singapore, which he practiced until his resignation to pursue business. His business success has led to him being categorized among the most creative technologists globally. Read this article to learn more.


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