Yubo is working to educate and shape Gen Z with a new NFT

Yubo is working to bring excitement to their new social media platform by using the power of NFTs and promises of partial ownership in the platform. This has caused thousands to start interacting with the Discord that they have in anticipation of receiving many benefits that the company has told they will give, including some of their new cryptocurrency. The excitement has allowed Yubo to educate the people interested in what NFTs are, about cryptocurrency, and about the new Web 3.0. It is a mixture that allows for the company to be known by even more of their core demographic.

Cryptocurrency, even though it has been around for years, has lots of misinformation said by many sources. NFTs are new and there are very few people who completely understand the way that they can be used. The new Web 3.0 is still being implemented, so this yet another area where there are not as many people who understand it all and the possibilities. Yubo is wanting to not only educate the millions already part of their community, but bring in many more. They see this as an opportunity to grow and create a new environment for young people to be able to grow with.

The NFT collection will be call The Randos and will cost 0.1 Ethereum, which is the cryptocurrency the company is currently using till they introduce their own. Yubo is going to allow this to be used with their social media platform that is geared towards members of Gen Z. The ability to help shape the next generation and how they interact could make this the next Facebook.

Original source to learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/yubo

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